The rate of people dying from cancer on the US seems to have dropped steadily for 25 years.  That translates to about 2.6 million fewer cancer deaths total than would have been expected if death rates stayed at their peak, which was seen in 1991, according to the study. 
The American Cancer Society, annually estimates the numbers of new cancer cases and cancer deaths that could occur nationwide.


Usually for Dallas the weather doesn’t really have a big change during this holiday time ,it does get cold however, no big snow storms or thunder storms happen. By the ends of January the weather gets back to original ,meaning it isn’t either cold or hot its a warm but breeze the way till June. During this days the weather has been really comfortable not to cold and not to hot .

Holidays with my family

The holidays for us  start the 12th of December in which we celebrate the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe .I perform a musical in which we show the whole church how it all happened years ago. There is also people whom do special dances for her. 

We bring her mariachi and sing to her all the way till midnight ,every one who can brings all kinds of food to the church .I like this holiday so much because i get to be with my friends in a nice place staying up till midnight having fun, eating many food .

My family traditions for the holidays are very fun and lovely  ,we all get together to celebrate Christmas and new years. We celebrate Christmas eve and we all help  make the food for the party. We sing to the baby Jesus and put him by the tree. We also buy a piƱata for the kids and we fill it up with many kinds of candy. My uncles be doing dancing contest and bet money between each other. All of us starts playing games like loteria or me and my cousins do dangerous things just for fun , we also dance till we get tired , burn marshmallows and many other fun things . When it turns midnight we all say merry Christmas to each other and give out our presents. 

For New Years we each bring grapes to the house were we are doing the reunion,there has to be enough for the whole family.  We buy lots of wine and liquor to celebrate .My mom always does a special gelatin that has many colors which the whole family loves ,also my grandma and me do this warm drink called ponche ,is like a type of fruit punch but warm with many tropical fruits.